A downloadable game for Windows

Plague doctors  are experimenting with ghost souls to create monstrous creatures to cleanse the world. You are a rogue experiment from the plague doctors seeking revenge on them for what they have done to your life. Using their powers against them to save the world by coincidence.


Soulace v03c.exe 33 MB


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Is montsouris  a typo of monstrous, or your own thing?


That must have been a typo from one of our devs.

In anther note, have not tried it yet, but the art looks great, so props to whoever did that, plan on trying it soon. :)

This would be awesome with a controller. Have the dash move in the direction of the analog stick like in Towerfall or Celeste. Lower the gravity slightly too, and it would probably feel really tight like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Looking forward to seeing some updates. Good work :)

That's a good idea. One of our dev's were thinking of implementing controller support.



This is a really cool game. I just started playing it, and I really like the style of the game. It is a great game. The enemies have awesome attacks. Thanks for this awesome game! 

P.S. Will you update it? New mobs?